Flooring Resources

http://www.flooring-dir.co.uk/ – Flooring-Dir.co.uk is UK web directory that contains some of the best flooring related websites and businesses. The flooring websites are categorised by the type of flooring. The most important categories are : Carpets, Engineered Flooring, Floor Sanding, Floor Tiles.
http://www.ahomeblog.co.uk/category/flooring/ – Ahomeblog.co.uk flooring
http://www.katesdesign.co.uk/ – Katesdesign.co.uk furniture and flooring
http://www.woodwiki.co.uk/ – Wood Wiki, the timelessness of wood
http://www.wooddir.co.uk/category/flooring/ – Engineered wood flooring directory
http://www.ukstrusted.co.uk/dir/c/home-flooring/ – Uks Trusted home flooring
http://www.improveuk.co.uk/root/cat/floors/ – Improveuk UK Floors

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