TERMS AND CONDITIONS Within these terms and conditions Metro Kitchens and Bedrooms Ltd is called “the company” and the person signing the contract/agreeing verbally/placing the order is referred to as “the customer”.
What is not included:
Re-decoration, tiling, flooring, and building work of any description or disposal of old units; disposing of any waste material, packaging or any unwanted appliances; installation of the cabinets and appliances, plumbing, gas fitting and electrics.
What does the customer have to do:
Check carefully the proposed layout to make sure it is correct and meets requirements (an additional charge may have to be made if your request alternation or any additions to the design).
Give reasonable access to the premises.
Notify our technical surveying department of the whereabouts (if known) of hidden pipes or wires that may affect the proposed layout.
Move any fragile or valuable items, which could be damaged when carrying new units/appliances into the property.
Shortages or damages should be notified to the company within a reasonable time (up to 5 working days) by telephone on or after receipt of the goods.
The estimated delivery date quoted is based on the latest information supplied to the company by our suppliers, and therefore can be subject to change. Whilst the company will make every effort to affect delivery on the date and place specified, it cannot guarantee to do so. An exact time of delivery cannot be given, however an AM or PM may be advised on the morning of or day before the delivery date if the customer contacts the company.
Any last minute changes made to the content of your order may impact on your delivery date.
If you are unable, for whatever reason, to take delivery of your goods on the confirmed delivery date, you must notify the company beforehand otherwise we reserve the right to charge you for any subsequent delivery at a cost of £900.

Natural wood is used in some of our products. As a natural material wood reflects the endless variety of grains, shades and textures found in the nature and such variances can be expected. All timber products will mellow under exposure of time. PVC, laminates and melamine finishes are also subject to slight colour changes over a period of years. Unless specified otherwise, any reference made to wood or timber whether solid or veneered refers to door and drawer fronts only. Colour reproduction in our descriptive literature is as close as reproductive techniques allow. Laminate worktops with a textured finish give good wear and resistance, also colour fastness and heat resistance up to 120 degrees Celsius. The company cannot be responsible for bum marks caused by items in excess of this temperature. Worktops should not be subject to excessive heat or water as this could cause swelling of the joint. We strongly recommend the use of a chopping board when cutting.
The company is not responsible for the condition or suitability of the customer’s premises for the purpose of the installation of supplied products. It is the customers responsibility at all times to determine that the structure of the premises, and the supply of mains gas, electric or water services to the proposed installation area is suitable for their intended installation. Any extra electrical, gas, plumbing or drainage works other than that noted on the technical survey paperwork are the responsibility of the customer.
If at any time during or after the technical survey there is a structural, technical or costing issue prior to manufacture, the company or the customer should provide reasons for the issue within 7 days of the survey, verbally and in writing, and both parties have the right to terminate this Agreement. If the company terminates this agreement under these conditions, any deposit paid will be refunded in full. Customers should not undertake work or expense based on this contract until such time as the company has confirmed a delivery date after the technical survey and re-costing has taken place and both parties have agreed any changes.
Payment may be made by means of cash, bank transfer, credit or debit card. The deposit required by the company at the time of ordering is 50% of the order value; the outstanding balance is due on the day of installation.
Where an unsolicited contract is signed away from business the customer will have a right for up to seven days to cancel this contract. Cancellation must be in writing and sent to the company at the head office or via e-mail.
Further to survey and with any changes having been agreed between the company and the customer, if the customer purports to cancel the contract or if the company is denied access for the delivery of the goods, a claim for any abortive costs incurred will be made. In this instance reasonable charges that would be made by the company are as follows
If the manufacture of the goods has commenced 35% of the contract value
If the manufacture of the goods has been completed 60% of the contract value
A technical survey charge of £200.00 will be made and deducted from any customer’s deposit being held by the company.

Nothing in these terms and conditions is to be taken to affect customer’s statutory rights in relation to this contract.

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